As a passion of mine, I was always interested in natural births. By always, I mean when I became pregnant with my son, 9 years ago. There is so much literature on what you should do when and how and why. It was really a lot of great stuff, but just really didn’t always fit in with what I needed. I spent hours upon hours online reading as much as google would allow. I knew one thing for sure, I didn’t want an epidural! I was really more afraid of the needle than facing the pain of childbirth. So, as time drew near, I had written my birth plan and submitted it to the hospital by the week that they had suggested that it was to be turned in. I remember being so excited and in control. The day came to have my son and I quickly lost control. The nurses changed every 7 hours and they all had conflicting information and some of it was just so scary. One nurse told me that I could be in labor for 3 days. I’m aware that this does happen and I am in awe of these warrior women! As my labor progressed, I became scared and lost sight of my pain. The pain took control of me and my husband didn’t know what to do or say. And in that moment he couldn’t do anything for me, not because of him, but because I was lost. My birth plan consisted of a drug free birth. In my state of fear, I told the doctor I wanted the pain to be gone and that I would take the epidural. Luckily, there was no time. I was going to have to stick to my birth plan, after all. Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about doulas at this time.  That is to come later! I did have a natural, drug free birth and it was beautiful, but I still had so much to learn.

The second time around, 4 years ago, my best friend suggested that I use her as a doula. She explained to me what a doula does, however neither of us were trained. There were not many trainings that were accessible to us at that time, so we just read about it and secured our plans.  The most bizarre question that people asked when we would share our plan was, “Well, isn’t your husband going to be there?”  It was strange that I had to explain why I wanted another person in the delivery room that has experienced the beauty of birth. Another mother, having experienced a drug free birth, being a part of my birthing process; why was that so strange? Yet again, time drew near and it was birthing time. This time, my husband, my mom, my doula, and my midwife were the only people present. There were no harsh lights, only natural lights, ball bouncing, laboring how I wanted to, walking, breathing, talking, laughing, and a few pushes that welcomed in our daughter. I was able to deliver my own daughter, with my own hands, hold her close, and nurse her right away as the cord blood was reabsorbed. The birth was beautiful, peaceful, harmonious, and joyous. Our son was able to meet his sister right away and our family was complete.

Now, 4 years later, I have been wondering how I can bring the joy that I experienced through both of my births and combine it with my career plans. I had planned to sign up for a doula training several times, however something else took precedence and the trainings would pass. This time around I did not allow the training opportunity to pass me by and have signed up! I’m excited to learn more about the natural process that brings life and humanity to all families through the process we call birth!